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Improv Group Four Day Weekend's Funny Business | Squawk Box | CNBC

Four Day Weekend is Proud to Announce being TCU Neeley School of Business's Newest Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Four Day Weekend Comedy group brings new approach of brainstorming to the TCU Neeley School

Four Day Weekend

Four Day Weekend is an award-winning comedy troupe from Fort Worth, TX, specializing in corporate event services. Critically-acclaimed both locally and nationally, our professional troupe offers a wide variety of services, from awards banquet hosting and keynote speaking to meeting facilitating and team building workshops. Whether you’re looking for entertainment or educational value, Four Day Weekend provides the services you need to make your meetings memorable!

Awards Presented to Four Day Weekend

What our clients are saying

"Awesome. Amazing. Brilliant!"
Regan Ogner
Director, Channel & SMB Marketing / McAfee
"Excellent job...thanks for helping to make the Canon 2005 NSM such a success!"
Elliot Peck
VP and General Manager, Sales, Consumer Imaging Group / Canon
"Outstanding performance!"
Russ Smyth
President and CEO / H&R Block
"A consumate professional...whole heartedly recommended!"
Sara L. Brooks
Chief Strategy Officer / Fiserv
"The highlight of the closing ceremonies...unrivaled, rare talent!"
Kathie Gonzalez
Director of Corp. Communications / Dish Network
"One of the most fun, innovative programs in our history!"
H. Ralph Hawkins
President and CEO
"...a big success..."
Eric L. Hogue
Manager, Premier Cust. Service / EDS
"Their talent and creativity set up our CEO for success..."
Nichole Miiller
Chairman Leadership Summit / Southwest Airlines
"...the results are creative, sometimes surprising and always stellar!"
Lisa Richman
Executive Producer / Hallmark Media Productions
"The audience absolutely loved your wit and humor and was delightfully entertained as well as engaged by the group's political style and substance."
John B. Larsen
Chairman Democratic Caucus, U.S. House of Representatives / United States Congress

Our Corporate Services

Awards Banquet Host

Four Day Weekend will host your awards banquet combining elements of our improvisational show with the awards presentation. The result is an entertaining event with an “Oscar Night” feel, celebrating the success of your winners and attendees.



Four Day Weekend | Sprint | Corporate Event


Four Day Weekend will provide a professional emcee for your General Sessions. Our emcees will open the sessions with a few fun minutes up front to set a good tone for the day, and will keep the meeting energetic, entertaining and informative. Our clients often refer to us as “the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.” Four Day Weekend Keynote We combine elements of our one-hour improvised show with elements of our three-hour team building seminars to create a 90-minute keynote that is informative and entertaining.

Four Day Weekend | Dish Network | Corporate Event

Team Building /Communication Seminar/Breakouts

In our team building communication workshops, we create an environment where listening and building on the pertinent information of your partner is paramount. Nobody’s ideas are better or worse than anyone else’s. We strike the word “NO” from our vocabulary, concentrating instead on the theory of “Yes and…” We also live by the rule that there are no wrong answers, only higher- and lower-percentage choices. Imagine how creative and productive you would be if you had the freedom to do and say anything and, not only would it be right, it would be supported 100% by the team. Imagine what you could accomplish!

Talk Show

Four Day Weekend can host your General Session in the format of a late night talk show complete with monologue, comedic desk pieces, and band. In the talk show format, guests/presenters are invited to the couch for a visit with the host as they “present”. This format allows the information to be conveyed in a loose, fun, conversational manner as opposed to a traditional PowerPoint presentation. Four Day Weekend creates improvisational bits in between presenters to reinforce the business message and create a mnemonic device to help the audience retain the information.

Four Day Weekend | Fiserv | Corporate Event

Man On the Street Closing Video

Four Day Weekend can provide a host, camera operator, camera package, editor, and editing system to chronicle the entire sales conference. We will attend every meeting, breakout, and party creating a video diary of the entire event to be shown at the final session. We make your people the star. Many clients give DVD’s of the closing video to the attendees as souvenirs.

Four Day Weekend | Dish Network | Corporate Event


Four Day Weekend can perform improvisational scenes, sketches and songs in between presenters to reinforce the business message the audience just heard. The comedic interstitials are similar to what we do during the talk show.

Four Day Weekend | Dish Network | Corporate Event

Game Show

A fun and interactive way to reinforce your speaker’s key messages. Four Day Weekend will create a game show based on your speaker’s presentation as a way of re-capping and reinforcing the key messages.

Fake Motivational Speaker Intro

Looking for a great way to open your meeting and set a fun, energetic tone? Four Day Weekend provides the greatest motivational speaker no one has heard of but should have. Complete with video opening touting best-selling book credits, magazine credits, and numerous talk show appearances, this motivational speaker will have your audience on the edge of their seats.[/fusion_content_box]

Four Day Weekend | Dish Network | Corporate Event

Meet Four Day Weekend

(scroll over the images to read about each member)

David Wilk
Frank Ford
David Ahearn
Troy Grant
Co-Founder, Original Cast Member
Oliver Tull
Cast Member
Ray Sharp
Music Director
Anthony Bowling
Cast Member
Josh Roberts
Cast Member
Andrew Hamer
Cast Member