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The Art of ImproviZEN

The Art of ImproviZEN by Four Day Weekend“Sometimes embracing your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone can make you feel alive. That’s what The Art of ImproviZEN is all about. Taking chances and knowing everyone around you is going to support you without judgment. We liken it to taking a leap of faith and knowing a metaphorical trapeze bar will always be here to catch as you fall. It’s exhilarating.”

“It was a testament to the power of belief. It was a testament to the power of saying, ‘yes, and’ to all of our dreams. It was a testament to everything that we had learned and then began sharing in our keynote address. You can become anything you want to become. You can accomplish any dream that you have the imagination to create, if you only have a willingness to say, ‘yes, and’ to all that life has to offer. If you can see it, you can be it.”

“We all come from distinctly different backgrounds with unique experiences. Each one of us has a brilliant perspective to add to whatever goal we are trying to accomplish. If we choose to value this wide spectrum of diversity, it takes the pressure off of one person having to come up with all of the answers. Each person’s unique perspective allows them to have that one perfect component that makes the whole better. This is ‘yes, and.’ It is building on the pertinent information or idea and adding to it to make a better end product.”

“Ideas are our greatest currency. They are the genesis of all great advancements, inventions, products, works of art or any other creation. And when people feel like their ideas are being heard, they will bring you their very best and this ultimately helps the collective to perform better. This is when people feel as if they are a part of something bigger than themselves. This is loyalty.”

“Everyone has dreams but only a fraction of people take any sort of step to live those dreams. Few people are willing and brave enough to claim ownership of their dreams because most people fear failure. But what successful people who have accomplished their dreams realize is that it actually takes experiencing failure to achieve their dreams. . . You cannot have one without the other. There is no such thing as failure; it is only a method by which we learn. We always say ‘FAIL’ means ‘First Action In Learning.’ Our business has been a series of trials and errors.”

“No one is responsible for your success but you. This is your life and it takes great courage to live the life you say you want to live. Creation is our birthright, claim yours.”