Improv Training



Four Day Weekend spans beyond our award winning improvisational theater and offers the corporate world an opportunity to experience improv training, custom shows, and event support.  From Fortune 100 companies to scrappy start-ups, improvisation and our Yes, And…” methodology proves to be a powerful tool in elevating personal and professional skills.  Oh, and it’s a lot of FUN.  


In our improv workshops, we create an environment of Yes, and…”, teaching the principles of improvisation and how they apply to your professional and even personal lives.  By experiencing these improv activities, we pinpoint behaviors and work to rewire the brain in the areas of communication, empathy, storytelling, listening/understanding, and creativity.  Workshops can be customized to focus on specific goals, jobs, industries, and training themes.


Four Day Weekend describes how they have built their 20-year-old business on the methods of Yes, And…”, creating the longest running show in the Southwest and delivering a keynote to Congress.  This experiential program will ask the audience to participate in activities and debriefs that will elicit both HAHAs and AH HAs. 

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