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Training Center

The Four Day Weekend training center was founded to nurture and develop a growing interest in the art of improvisation. The training center’s mission is to provide students of all skill levels the necessary tools to grow as an improvisor. The training center has five levels ranging from beginner to performer.

  • Classes are for ages 18 and up.

  • All classes run for 8 weeks and are followed by a showcase for your friends and family.

  • All sales are final

  • You may miss up to 2 classes per session without penalty.

  • Any additional questions can be directed to Tabitha Parker at    

Encore Roo Grand Opening

NBCDFW Channel 5: Four Day Weekend Training Center

Discussing the art of improvisation and how it can benefit people from all walks of life with Tabitha Parker, the Director of the Four Day Weekend Training Center, and Shawn Frambach, Level 1 Improv Teacher.

Training Center Curriculum & Enrollment

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Training Center Classes

Level One - Intro to Improv

Level One is an introduction to the art of improvisation. Whether you’re an accountant or an actor, Level One teaches you to hone your creativity, build your listening skills and use the “yes, and” principle to improve your communication.

Prerequisite: None

  • Saturdays 12pm-3pm  First Class: June 3rd  Class Length: 8 Weeks Tuition: $220
  • Sundays    3pm-6pm  First Class: June 4th Class Length: 8 Weeks Tuition: $220 –

Level Two - Character

In Level Two, we continue to build on the fundamentals learned in Level One while exploring and encouraging you to build a range of characters through vocal, physical, and emotional choices. We also start to explore the ideas behind the environments and locations that we create on stage together.

Prerequisite: Level One

  • Sundays 12pm-3pm  First Class: June 4th
    Class Length: 8 Weeks Tuition: $220

Level Three - Group Mind

Level Three continues building on the fundamentals of improvisation and introduces the idea of group mind. Working together with your classmates to build worlds, support each other, and be on the same page.

Prerequisite: Level Two


Level Four - 2-Person Scenes

Now that you have honed your basic skill set, Level Four helps you refine your scenework. Pushing you to improve and grow as a performer, Level Four covers the dynamics of relationships and different ways to play them.

Prerequisite: Level Three

  • Sundays 12pm-3pm  First Class: June 4th
    Class Length: 8 Weeks  Tuition: $220

Level Five - Forms

Level Five covers an array of different performance long-forms, such as the Harold, Close Quarters, the Armando, and more.

Prerequisite: Level Four

  • Sundays 3pm-6pm First Class: June 4th Class Length: 8 Weeks Tuition: $220

Comedy Writing Program

The Comedy Writing Program

Our Comedy Writing Program consists of 4 levels of eight-week classes, which culminates in an original sketch show! Master the skills of writing sketch comedy in this program designed for writers and actors of all experience levels. Learn basic scene structure, character development, establish action, and learn the styles and genres of comedy.

  • No prior writing or performance experience is required.
  • Your graduation sketch show will be written by your class and performed by actors cast in the audition process.

Writing Level 1

By the end of Writing One, you’ll be writing complete comedy sketches for the stage. Through in-class exercises and take-home assignments, you’ll develop the skills needed to succeed as a comedy writer.

A large part of this class is reading and work-shopping homework scenes, so please be prepared to complete homework assignments.

No previous writing experience required.

  • Mondays 6:30pm-9:30pm  First Class: March 27th Class Length: 8 Weeks Tuition: $220

Writing Level 2

Level Two will introduce you to the differnent types of sketch including Satire, Parody, Song, Silent, etc.

A large part of this class is reading and work-shopping homework scenes, so please be prepared to complete homework assignments.

Prerequisite: Level One

  • Not available this semester

Writing Level 3

Level Three

Prerequisite: Level Two

  • Not available this semester

Writing Level 4

Level Four

Prerequisite: Level Three

  •  12pm-3pm  First Class: March 25th Class Length: 8 Weeks Tuition: $220

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Meet Our Training Center Staff

Tabitha Parker
Training Center Director
Anthony Bowling
Cast Member & Instructor
Shawn Frambach
Ben Fort
Head of the Comedy Writing Program
Terry Catlett
Noa Gavin
Aja Jones
Acting Instructor
Richie Lunsford